Nerium, a BILLION DOLLAR company!

Nerium will be the 6th company in the WORLD to do a $1 BILLION in sales in less than 5 years! Apple did it in ’76, Google did it in ’98. It took Mary Kay 20 years to do $300 million. Nerium hit $400 MILLION in 33 months! Making them having the most successful skincare launches in history!
Since Nerium international launched in 2011, they have been exploding. There hasn’t been a billion dollar company in the industry in 25 years!
Nerium is the fastest growing company in the industry.
Nerium is the highest class giving company there is We have given back over $100 million to the biotech company that made the accidental discovery for further medical research in the fields of stroke, Parkinson’s and HIV We continue to donate 30% of our sales to them. We will donate at least 1 million to big brother big sister of America and Canada (all raised by brand partners) and the company has given back over 33million in free inventory back to its brand partners. They have a true 50% back to the reps in compensation. Our core values are making people better. We focus more on personal development to better ourselves.
Now with our upcoming launch to Mexico on October 2nd, we truly are about to change the lives of many!





It’s official!

Nerium’s official launch into Mexico is October 2nd! Looking forward to the changes and opportunities that are going south of the boarder! This opportunity will provide financial and time freedom to many! Check out the video (it is in Spanish) for our upcoming plan for Mexico!

Have you heard of Nerium?

Have you heard yet why Nerium is shattering industry records??? People everywhere are looking better and living better because of us! Our product is a true breakthrough in the anti-aging industry. With clinical trials and years of research behind it’s safety and results you can’t go wrong! Simply put, this is a powerful antioxidant that restores your skin to it’s healthiest state! This is why our single products are addressing multiple concerns at once. I promise you’ve never seen anything like this! Here is a presentation done to give a deeper look at what I’ve partnered with! I’m looking for people with skin to check this out!
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Setting international records!

So you ever wish you were at the right place, at the right time? This is it!
Since our recent launch to Canada, they have set the bar high. Doing $1 million in sales in 2 short weeks. That was just in 2 provinces. Canada continues to break records that Nerium has set in this industry in the United States. The momentum continues to build , as all of canada is now open.


In just three short years, Nerium had shattered records in growth, sales, and opportunity. Landing it the best start up company of the year award, among many others.
Optimera is our international product, proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations, uneven skin tone and texture, shrinks enlarged pores, and tightens aging or loose skin. People all over have become excited about Optimera and just as many about the opportunity that lies with the company as well.
Nerium is so excited to take another huge step in our international expansion, bringing Optimera to Mexico!


“We know that Nerium is changing lives, and we want to make sure we do it right. We followed this also with developing Optimera” says founder and CEO Jeff Olson. All of our products are clinically proven to produce results, Optimera is no different.
Nerium’s opportunity has the potential to change so many lives in Canada and now mexico. From car bonuses, free product, lucrative compensation plan, luxury trips, and more. It truly is helping people look, and live better.
This is an exciting time to join Nerium, as Optimera line is the first of it’s kind. I look forward to introducing the product and company to the rest of the world!

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What do you think of these Nerium results?

This person has been using Nerium age defying night and day creme for 4 weeks. The results are dramatically different! And will only get better 🙂

You can clearly see the texture difference among other differences in this result photo.

More and more men are coming to love Nerium! With our company being 48% men who are partnered with us.
I would love to hear everyone opinions of the results of Nerium. This product has a 30 day money back guarantee, and it definitely delivers results!
Would you be willing to try it?


“Give us a year, and Nerium will give you back 10!”

As I am now, 30, aging was the last thing on my mind in my early 20’s. Of course I struggled with many skin imperfections. Honestly, couldn’t actually tell I was “aging!” In the mirror, I looked the same!
UNTIL, I found Nerium! I was looking for something to help my current skin problems. When I came across this product, I didn’t believe “I” needed anything like this product. I was encouraged to take my “before” and “after” photos. I thought to myself, yea right! I am not going to “see” a difference. Boy, was I so WRONG!
My before and after photos are extremely embarrassing! Haha. One thing I did become, a BELIEVER! No matter the age, this product is incredible. The proof, is in the pictures!

Nerium is designed to work for wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, discolorations, uneven skin tone and texture, shrinks enlarged pores, and tightens aging or loose skin. All in ONE product. There isn’t a “step 1,2,and 3.”
Just apply before bed, wake up, rinse, and finished. With my busy lifestyle, as a stay at home mom of 3, I need simple. Fast. And most importantly, I needed results. I needed to make sure I was spending my hard earned money, on a product that delivered. With Nerium, I got just that. I encourage you, no matter your age, just try it. See your own before and afters! Get your bottle of the “fountain of youth!” 30 day money back guarantee on this product, what do you have to lose, besides imperfections!
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